Fire doors Ireland

Fire doors Ireland fulfil two roles:

  • To maintain any compartmentation of buildings. This has been introduced to limit the size and spread of fire in order to control the perceived risk.
  • To allow access to protected escape routes, both vertically and horizontally. To do so without any loss of fire resistance and limit smoke movement in the structure forming these routes, e.g. protected lobbies, stairways and shafts.
    (Extract taken from BS 8214 :2016)

All DFL Fitout & Joinery Firedoors and Firedoor Frames are bespoke (made to order). They all comply with standard conventional door sizes or customer specific sizes. We are approved to manufacture FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 fire resistance doors. All doors can be supplied in a variety of finishes such as, natural wood veneer, HPL Laminate or paint grade. DFL Fitouts & Joinery also provide a wide variety of ironmongery and glazing options, supplying pre-hung Fire doors in frames (where required), fitted with intumescent and acoustic seals, as specified.

All Firedoors and Frames supplied by DFL Fitout & Joinery Ltd are manufactured (In compliance with Halspan Global Assessments) to the Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacture scheme.

Download the Firedoor Installation & Maintenance Requirements PDF

Download the NOR710-Perimeter-Smoke-Seal Document

Download the Work Instruction - Q mark Plug selection and location WI0034

Download the Approved Supplier listing Firestopping intumescent 03092020


Fire screens are manufactured to the glass manufacturer’s specification with regards to the required glass integrity, insulation properties and permitted glazing areas.

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